Sunday, 4 August 2013


 The moon pool, an entrance to the dungeon through a water level tunnel, it was once navigable by Dwarven longboats but on the last expedition the tunnel caved in and crushed the last boat, the remaining longboat is now used as a floating base of operations by explorers. 
 Abandoned mine, tunnelled long ago in a search for preciouses metals, it has a small river and shafts leaving to lost tunnels.
 The Pool, probably an abandoned mine or a water made cave, with a small island.
 Gate room, Here with a long bottomless pit, with a walkway across the pit, the walkway can be defended by just a few troops, however in this scenario it looks like the Goblins brought a troll.
 A ruined hall, a fissure runs through the middle of the room, that unwary travellers might fall through.
 No Dungeon is complete without a prison to put all those captives who have wondered in looking for adventure.
 Library, Here a mad (or sane - who can tell) Dwarf Druid studies ancient books for the Lore of old.
 Blacksmiths Forge
 Well Room

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