Saturday, 3 August 2013

10mm Sci-fi Colonial marines scenic terrain tiles

  A full spread of my sci-fi terrain, each tile has holes cut into them to fit each building, and can be interchanged easily making many different arrangement's.  I will be adding more none static scenery to the whole city scape as time goes by.
The river is main feature as the game can include riverine warfare, and the bridges make good strategic points.
 A shot of one of the suspension bridges, when one they will be longer with a mid section but I haven't done the river tiles yet. 
 My first go at a semi sunken merchant ship.
 Dropship pad/airport with heavy bomb damage
 The factory area
 Office block's in ruins.
 a side shot of the factory and flyover in the background.
 Gas storage tanks, 1 slightly damaged one destroyed.

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