Friday, 9 August 2013

Boxer rebellion

 Boxer Infantry and German sea battalion
I know it dosen't exactly fall into the realm of WWI, however with the wars of the period all leading to WWI the boxer rebellion fills this region.  The boxer Rebellion was the first war of the 19th century and was herald of much to come, Stemming from the opium wars and the Sinno-Japanese war the rebellion was much more a civil war, fought between the Qing forces and mostly muslim parts of the Imperial army and the boxers themselves.  Although not very nice people, I sort of side with the rebles, China was very badly treated by the west.  I am planning on building an army for the wars in china around this period, although these figs were part of a commission.  If anyone knows any good rules for the period I would love to know.

Sunday, 4 August 2013


 The moon pool, an entrance to the dungeon through a water level tunnel, it was once navigable by Dwarven longboats but on the last expedition the tunnel caved in and crushed the last boat, the remaining longboat is now used as a floating base of operations by explorers. 
 Abandoned mine, tunnelled long ago in a search for preciouses metals, it has a small river and shafts leaving to lost tunnels.
 The Pool, probably an abandoned mine or a water made cave, with a small island.
 Gate room, Here with a long bottomless pit, with a walkway across the pit, the walkway can be defended by just a few troops, however in this scenario it looks like the Goblins brought a troll.
 A ruined hall, a fissure runs through the middle of the room, that unwary travellers might fall through.
 No Dungeon is complete without a prison to put all those captives who have wondered in looking for adventure.
 Library, Here a mad (or sane - who can tell) Dwarf Druid studies ancient books for the Lore of old.
 Blacksmiths Forge
 Well Room

How to make a Dungeon room

 I have a new ongoing project I thought I would share with you.  The project is to make a collection of dungeon interiors, with a theme of underground exploring in the likes of the mines of Moria and other cool Dwarven style caverns.  For the start I am showing how I made a small forge. 
 To make this I just used some card, lollypop sticks, milliput and some scenery from pendrakens 10mm fantasy range.
 The 10mm Pendraken scenery is a door, weapon racks and beds and chairs. 
 Cut the card to the size you need
 The lollypop sticks add depth to the model so the floor can be cut into to make the model more 3 dimensional. This way pits and rivers etc.. can be shown better, you will see more of this in later posts.  For this model I have cut a hole for a well.
 Here with the floor added to the 'floor' you can see how the look of depth can be used.
 For the walls I use card layered in 3 parts for the same reason, but not used in this model, also it ads strength to the model.  I will use a different method in my next set of models but this project is as it looks.
 The walls are layered with thinner strips over a deeper one, this way the walls slot onto the base.
 Ready to assemble.
 The floor is covered with milliput and textured to look like flagstones, then the well walls added.
 The walls are textured the same way as the floor and the walls snapped into place while the modelling stuff is still soft. 
 Finally the interior wall is added, slotted onto the floor and walls.
 The model is done in its basic form.
 The forge is made out of clay and has gravel added to look like coal.
 The model is undercoated.
 I painted the Dungeon with dark grey, dry brushed it in light grey and brushed light brown on top to show where a lot of feet have recently travelled.  Then weapon racks, bed and other stuff is added to look more lived in. 

Saturday, 3 August 2013

10mm Sci-fi Colonial marines scenic terrain tiles

  A full spread of my sci-fi terrain, each tile has holes cut into them to fit each building, and can be interchanged easily making many different arrangement's.  I will be adding more none static scenery to the whole city scape as time goes by.
The river is main feature as the game can include riverine warfare, and the bridges make good strategic points.
 A shot of one of the suspension bridges, when one they will be longer with a mid section but I haven't done the river tiles yet. 
 My first go at a semi sunken merchant ship.
 Dropship pad/airport with heavy bomb damage
 The factory area
 Office block's in ruins.
 a side shot of the factory and flyover in the background.
 Gas storage tanks, 1 slightly damaged one destroyed.

Aliens colonial marines army

 A shot of almost all of the marine army.
The army consists of:
3 platoons of marines
3 HV weapons teams
2 Heavy Tanks
2 Drop ships
4 APC's
1 Monitor
2 Troops landing craft
3 bases of civilians
 A river monitor, equipped with the mk1 tank guns and the APC turret's to help them link in with the other marine stuff.  Scratch built and designed with a nod to the brownwater navy of the Vietnam era.
 Landing craft, added to the brown water navy theme these ships carry troops and AFV's.  Equipped with the same weapons as are found on the APC's to keep the same scheme.
 These are SF7 Hover tank mk1, I added tracks to them as I didn't really like the hover look to them, they seemed too bulky.
A platoon of  APC's just painted as they come, in urban camouflage. 
 No marine army is complete without drop ships.  These 2 are roughly based on the UD-4L Cheyenne Drop ship from aliens 2 and the comic books. 
 I made 2 models, 1 with wings folded in one with wings deployed.  They are made from Milliput over a card frame.
 Marine heavy weapons, I base them in 2's.  they aren't exactly robot centuries but do good as heavy support. The SF3 pack comes in 3's so I had to 2 packs to fill the 3 bases. 
 Colonial marines painted in urban camouflage, keeps the overall theme going, grey base coat with flecks of urban colours with dark grey and blue armour which looks quite cool.  the figures are SF2, they come in packs of 10 with 2 heavy weapons and 8 marines in 2 poses firing and advancing so based in groups you can get a good fluid mix of animated poses.
 The civilians are done in different bright colours to give them a proper civilian feel.  they are code SF20 civilian men and SF21 civilian women, both mixed on 4x3cm bases.
Civilians and Civilian Vehicles, all the cars, bus and trucks are scratch built to fit the sci-fi theme