Friday, 27 February 2015

Eastern Roman Watchtower

 A close look at the custom made Roman eastern watchtower I just finnished, I thought the wooden pallisade looked quite good, The model is 28mm In scale.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

6mm French Napoleonics

 6mm French Napoleonics from Baccus NFR07 - French Chasseurs
 NFR26 - French Elite infantry, Greatcoat
 NFR01 - French Line Infantry, 1806-1812
 NFR02 - French Elite infantry, 1806-1812
 NFR04 - French Grenadiers
 NFR06 - French Hussars
 NFR36 - French Guard Lancers
NFR13 - Carabiniers
 NFR09 - French Cuirassiers
NFR12 - French Elite Light Cavalry

Prussian Napoleonic 6mm

 Prussians from Baccus NPR06 - Prussian Dragoons
 NPR03 - Landwehr Infantry
 NPR02 - Reserve Infantry
 NPR07 - Prussian Hussars
 NPR01 - Prussian Line Infantry
 NPR08 - Prussian Lancers
 NPR09 - Prussian Reserve Cavalry

6mm British Waterloo

British Napoleonic From Baccus,  NBR20 - Scots Greys
NBR10 - Lifeguard Cavalry
 NBR14 - Line Infantry - Belgic Shak
 NBR12 - Highland Infantry
 NBR19 - Hussars, shako
 NBR01 - British Line infantry
NBR06 - British Hussars - Busby

Monday, 23 February 2015

6mm Hanover Waterloo

 6mm Hanover troops from Baccus, these troops are Field battalions which I used NBR02 - British Light Infantry/Flank Company - Stovepipe shako
Hanover Landwehr NPR03 - Landwehr Infantry & British mixed
Light Infantry I used  NPR03 - Landwehr Infantry

Rifle Battalion, Identical to NBR03 - British Riflemen

6mm brunswick

 my 6mm Brunswick, all brom Baccus Miniatures for Waterloo campaign, these are  NAU05 - Austrian Jaegers - Korsehut used as Avant Garde
 NBU03 - Brunsick Line Infantry
 NBU01 - Brunswick Leib-battalion
 NBU05 - Brunswick Hussars
NNAU09 - Austrian Uhlans used as ulans

Dutch Belgian Napoleonics

 NRU07 - Russian Cuirassiers (dutch Carabaniers)
 NDB01 - Dutch Line Infantry
 NDB04 - Belgian Line Infantry
 Dutch Belgian Dragoons, Although I used British hussars