Monday, 30 June 2014

Dwarf Airship / Zepplin

 The idea of a steam powered airship is old hat but I figured my dwarves would enjoy one! 
 The ship is made from cut foam with Milliput over the top, and took alot less time than I was expecting.
 I armed the ship with a light cannon, although i think if it ever fired the craft would  fall appart. 

10mm Dwarf Steam tank

For my Dwarf army I needed something a bit different so went for a Dwarf steam tank.  The tank is made from Milliput over a styrophome shape. 

As I was planning the design I went into some back story and this will be explained later, but in essence it is an Ironclad type machine, with gun ports for a cannon and a Petard on a Spar (for clearing rocks!)

As a model its quite fun, as a weapon its a pain to use but I am still working on it.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

10mm Dwarf Arquebus

 I got hold of some nice Dwarves to bolster my army from Triples 2014.  One of the new troop types was FHD8 Dwarf Blunderbus from Pendraken miniatures.   They are nice little models, however for my Dwarf army I wanted something a little more interesting, so I converted the blunderbus into an Arquebus.  Although Dwarven Matchlock, Musket, Hook gun or any other term will do just as well.

 The conversion was done by cutting the end of the gun off, placing a tiny rod for the barrel and adding wire on the underside for strength and to act as a ramrod, then placed the severed barrel on the end.

The finished model looks quite fine, and will give my Dwarf army some much needed firepower