Wednesday, 12 October 2011

6mm Napoleonic French

A regiment of Baccus french, ready to march to battle, and probably win.  

15mm Medieval Scots

 Just like the English army the Scots are a 100 peice army, and I love these even more.  The great thing about the scots is the mass of rabble spearmen, flanked by french knights they can really stop an english army in their tracks while the knights hit the english flanks.
 They are also a couple of stands of heavy infantry too, I still havent worked out the best way to place them.
As mentioned the french knights are a tough bunch.

15mm Medieval English

 These quite nice figures are from Lancashire games, I got them as a 100 peice army and they are quite well balanced. 
 The Bowmen are quite nice and the men at arms well posed giving a nice battle line, and unlike some they dont need any assembly.

wargames factory spanish succession

 Here are 2 regiments pained up from the Wargames factory spanish succession range.  They are quite good figures, if time consuming to build.  I made up 2 regiments 1 british 1 french.
 I would reccomend them for a quich way to get your 28mm armies larger and as they also have cavalry out soon then you should look into them.  You can make all sorts out of the figues with heads for the Gloriouse revolution to other periods too.  with options for grenadiers (with grenades)  and officers.