Friday, 10 April 2015

Bolt Action Japanese

 Got the first lot of Japanese done, they are Warlord Games Figures.  They are great figures even though a little fiddly at times.

Japanese Type 89 Tanks 28mm

 These are my type 89 tanks for my Japanese. All are scratch built.

BA 10 armoured car 28mm

 There are 3 BA 10 armoured cars for my Russian 28mm figures, all 3 are scratch built and were a lot of fun to make.

WWII Zombies 28mm

 Here are my first WWI zombies, made from Mantic Zombies with WWII equipment from warlord games to give a WWII theme, I have so far done 3 zombie nationalities, Russian, Japanese and German, more to follow.
 German Nazi Zombies
 Grabbing hands
 Russian WWII Zombies!
 Japanese Zombies

28mm WWII Chinese Bolt Action

 WWII Chinese, I used german early war figures with Russian equipment.

Bolt Action 28mm Russians

 Some new figures here, 28mm Bolt Action Russians, above you can see a Russian Flame Thrower, a conversion using a rifle and stand from the AT Rifle.