Saturday, 3 August 2013

Aliens colonial marines army

 A shot of almost all of the marine army.
The army consists of:
3 platoons of marines
3 HV weapons teams
2 Heavy Tanks
2 Drop ships
4 APC's
1 Monitor
2 Troops landing craft
3 bases of civilians
 A river monitor, equipped with the mk1 tank guns and the APC turret's to help them link in with the other marine stuff.  Scratch built and designed with a nod to the brownwater navy of the Vietnam era.
 Landing craft, added to the brown water navy theme these ships carry troops and AFV's.  Equipped with the same weapons as are found on the APC's to keep the same scheme.
 These are SF7 Hover tank mk1, I added tracks to them as I didn't really like the hover look to them, they seemed too bulky.
A platoon of  APC's just painted as they come, in urban camouflage. 
 No marine army is complete without drop ships.  These 2 are roughly based on the UD-4L Cheyenne Drop ship from aliens 2 and the comic books. 
 I made 2 models, 1 with wings folded in one with wings deployed.  They are made from Milliput over a card frame.
 Marine heavy weapons, I base them in 2's.  they aren't exactly robot centuries but do good as heavy support. The SF3 pack comes in 3's so I had to 2 packs to fill the 3 bases. 
 Colonial marines painted in urban camouflage, keeps the overall theme going, grey base coat with flecks of urban colours with dark grey and blue armour which looks quite cool.  the figures are SF2, they come in packs of 10 with 2 heavy weapons and 8 marines in 2 poses firing and advancing so based in groups you can get a good fluid mix of animated poses.
 The civilians are done in different bright colours to give them a proper civilian feel.  they are code SF20 civilian men and SF21 civilian women, both mixed on 4x3cm bases.
Civilians and Civilian Vehicles, all the cars, bus and trucks are scratch built to fit the sci-fi theme

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