Monday, 25 March 2013

40k Tyranid Scenery

 here is a small collection of scratch built 40k scenery for my old tyranid army.  A smashed chimera, digestion pool and a imperial bastion that has been taken over by the tyranid swarm eating away at the armour with acidic spores and with digestion towers growing out of it, probably feeding on the hapless garrison killed in the basement of the bunker.

Aliens & Colonial Marines

Alien vs/marines army, with colonial marines and aliens.  I am only posting this as a quick cover of a new projet I am working on.  but thought I would show at least a pic on here about them as they are cool figures fro pendrakens 10mm range.
For more about these guys check my personal Blog:

15mm Romans

 A legion of 15mm Romans from lancashire games

15mm Roman Auxiliary

 Here are a new set of pics of the roman auxiliary infantry we do quite alot of.  We usually do half the army in one colour and the other half in another colour, thats just what most people ask for.
 the red uniform has red shields, cloak and trimmings.
the second half has blue uniform and green shield.

15mm Anglo Saxons

 15mm Anglo Saxons of the range from lancashire games, they come in packs of 10 or packs of 60 with a mix of figures.  They are good castings and very easy to paint.  The figures come in a few poses which is good to do mixed looking units.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

WSS Austrian Cavalry

 Austrian Currassiers from my own collection, although cavalry look like cavalry.   The Austrians in the war of spanish succession only fielded Currassiers as cavalry and hussars as light horse which limits actions on the battlefield but we shall see how they play.

ECW Regiments of foot

 A ECW Regiment of foot, 4 stands of pike, one of command and 8 muskets.  Although there are many different ways of basing we found that this was the most popular.  This regiment is in hat and if you had not noticed blue. 
The same as above but red in helmet.

Napoleoic Scots

 Some British napoleonic scots from a standard pack from Mr. Baccus Person

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

6mm French Spanish Succession

Here are some Spanish succession French. Just a starter pack from Baccus for my own Spanish succession army I am planning. 3 French regiments (Bassignyn, Vexin, Gondrin) and 1 Irish (Clare).

  Bassigny French Regiment

  Vexin French Regiment

  Gondrin French Regiment

Clare Irish Wild Geese Regiment Regiment

Sunday, 10 March 2013

French spanish succession Dragoons

French Dragoons in their colourful uniform. I like the guys in yellow the best as its just so colourful and will be my fist regiment in 6mm when I get around to it. These figures are 28mm scale from front rank.

Blackpowder Spanish Succession French

Here are some French Spanish succession based to black powder.

You can see the casualty marker, built on a simple base with rotating wheel it counts to 4, which is all you are going to need.


This is a new look at the Goths I did from a while back, as I have changed the way I paint them, making them a little brighter than the usual drab colours I used to paint them in, so here they are, a small unit of bowmen and larger group of spearmen and swordsmen making up the shield wall. Although in battle the bow would take the back rank, its easier to see them like this.