Friday, 19 July 2013

10mm Aliens Army

 My Full Aliens Army, ready for action.  I will be adding to it as I go, from the games we have already played I think we need 'more Aliens!'
All Figures are from Pendraken Miniatures in 10mm Scale.
 Alien Norn Queen, The big boss.  She dispenses D4 Facehuggers per turn which is handy on occasion.
 Queens!  Yes I have 3.  We use the Norn Queen as C-in-C and the lesser Queens as Sub Commanders, If the boss is killed one can upgrade to a Norn Queen.  The figure is SF11 Queen Creature
 Here are a couple of shots of the Hive bases.  The Hives are used as spawn points for additional troops.  They are made up of Codes SF4 Facehuggers with Bodies, SF5 Egg Cluster
 Aliens, yes the big guys, we use these as mature aliens, full grown monsters, I mixed the different codes on the bases, SF12 Medium Creature pose 1, SF18 Medium creature pose 2,  SF19 Medium Creature Pose 3 and SF23 Medium Warrior Creature.
 The little guys, these guys hatch from troops killed by Facehuggers, and must eat a human to become full grown.  SF13 Small Creature
Finally the facehuggers.  SF22 Facehuggers
I will put the basic rule cards up later, hope this helps if you are planning on your own Alien Infestation.

Napoleonic Austrian & Polish

 Polish lancers
 Austrian Grenadiers
 Austrian Infantry

Monday, 8 July 2013

Spanish succession game

 We finally got down to do a Spanish succession game, my French army against Austrians.  a simple scenario, one river with 2 crossings, the player holding both crossings at the end is the winner.  or so we thought.
 French dragoons quickly secured one bridge and held it for the rest of the game to the Austrian commanders surprise. (me - dam the dice sir!)
 French cavalry crossing the secured bridge smashed into the Austrian dragoons routing them with ease, however the Baden regiments halted the advance and would become the best units of the day for sheer determination.
 Austrian infantry try to stop the advancing cavalry, to little effect, their attempt to form squire ended in a disordered rout.
 Austrian forces withdrew to the church walls and the centre buckled, leaving the Baden forces the only intact unit in the field.
 The Austrians in the church held a turn, but finally were overrun.
 a grand advance of French infantry swept the French cavalry from the hill, taking the flank.
On the last turn the Austrian army was in full rout, however the Baden troops still held one bridge, and so as far as the result went, even with the Austrians routed they still held a bridge, with the French holding the second bridge the game was a draw, with points advantage to the French, however the Austrians admitted effective defeat out of a sense of fair play. (Dam them dice sir, dam them!)