Sunday, 29 January 2012


A Pack of 6mm Vikings from Baccus.

These are a new range for Baccus and well over due. The figs are lovely and all mixes of poses which is always better than boring Napoleonic's all in rank and file. Don't get me wrong I like Napoleonic but as a painter they are rather dull to paint, very little variety.

French 1st Hussars

French Hussars of the 1st Regiment. Apart from the fact that they are easy to paint I just like the look of the 1st Regiment, The Figs are from Lancashire Games and these were ordered without command which is a shame as Hussar Command is what makes French hussars look so good, the reverse colours and mixture of dress between the command contrast well with the rest of the regiment, but here am I talking about what you cant see.

2mm Scale American Civil War

Here are Two complete American Civil war armies in 2mm Scale. I cannot remember how many figures but in 2mm who cares, they are all 2mm Irregular Miniatures figures based 3 strips to a base for infantry and 2 cannon with 2 limbers for cannon, command is different numbers of HQ spread to fill out Corps commands and overall C-in-C.
The Scenery is made of moss Flock glued to card for trees and scratch built buildings.
A close up of the Union army with zoarves to the Front, 4 batteries of cannon and 4 commands with 1 HQ.
The Confederate army is slightly smaller again with zoarves.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Victrix napoleonic French

Here is a couple of pics of my victrix napoleonic french, a full regiment of 24 troops, I got a box and did half up as french and stuck them on Ebay and converted the rest into Warhammer 40k, for more on this project see my warhammer 40k and all that Blog. The Victrix are fun figures although a little spindly compared to wargames Factory or Gripping beast, but better than the Spanish Succession figures from the Affore mentioned. They paint up well and you dont have to invent detail like ton so many lead figures these days.

Viking Fortress & Village

This was a commission order and the first time I ever tried doing some 28mm dark age scenery. I enjoyed doing the buildings they proved very interesting, the Fort took a little more thinking.
The Fortress walls are of sticks of the kind you get in the garden centre, I like the tower best, and the whole thing fits the figures very well.

The buildings for the village consist of a Blacksmiths Forge with well, a Cottage and two Hovels of the Viking style. In 28mm they look passable I think.

Napoleonic Prussian

A Small Napoleonic Prussian force of Infantry and Cavalry, this is one of the set armies we have on our shop, and on the Ebay Store.
The figures are Adler.

I cannot remember the rules they are based for but regardless to say any basing of Adler Figures is not going to go well, but I guess you get used to it.

American Forces Vietnam

I went to Tripples Last year and ended up with a bit of money left over and no idea what to get, and I ended up with these! They are American Vietnam stuff from Pendrakens 10mm Range and are great figures, I love most of Pendrakens stuff.
I based all the Nam stuff in 4's for the Infantry, and smaller bases for the HQ, Forward OB and Heavy Weapons. I put together 4 helicopters for them just made out of bits from my bits box and a bit of Green stuff, this was just to have something to play with before I got around to getting some proper models. Sadly this never came about.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

10mm Vietnam Scenery

When I Got my Nam stuff I realised quite quickly I would be needing scenery, and a lot of it. Here is a collection of what I came up with.
I started out with 20 Fields, made of torn corrugated cardboard, Then the buildings which were grouped in 2's and 4's were made of a card frame with Milliput modelled on them for detail, a quick layering of paint came up very well and the villages did fine service while I had them.
The Fire-base didn't take long to do, just trenches cut in card with sandbags of clay and wire for barbed wire, I Never really finished it by the time I decided to sell on my Nam collection but it did make a nice piece to play with, If I ever field Nam again I will love making another Firebase.

NVA Battalion

Back at Tripples last years I found myself buying lots of nam packs just for something to do on those cold nights, and these are a good addition to them, they come from the indo china battlepack, and are a mix of NVA and bits from the Viet Min & French Indochina packs. I based them all together and painted them as North Vietnamese.

Overall I ended up with an army much larger than the one here, some 120 bases of all sorts but split them up to sell them.

Vietnam VC Battalion

Here is a small Viet Cong Battalion to add to any nice Vietnam game. The VC army Packs come with Mortars and HQ so you can get a lot of variety in the pack. Some of the figures are from the early part of the war when the French were still hopping around but the basic paint was much the same.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

More Medieval English

This is a big overhaul of the original English army I put together, with quite a few changes.
English cavalry deployed on mass, these are a change to the all cloth covered for armoured front cavalry, they are better figures than the original ones I used, These riders are separate for a start and have to be stuck onto the horses and are much better cast than the usual Lancashire cavalry.
The infantry here are better quality than the others I used, been meant to represent better equipped troops but in fact are better all round, better castings and proportions, Alan at Lancashire sis well with these I love them, only thing I may complain about and even not its not a complaint is that with the pose they fit a bit slanted to the base for DBA/DBM, giving them a sideways look, were they for my own collection I think I would do them slightly staggered.
English archers, same as before but more of them, I love these figures!

More Medieval Scots

Here is a slightly larger army of Medieval Scots not unlike the one I posted last year but with a few figure variations.
The massed ranks of pike should cause any English army to think twice about charging, but thats ok as over half aof any self respecting army is bow anyway.
The hand full of Scottish bow lack the experience and training of english bowmen in general, but many may will have seen some service in one army of other but it will not make up for numbers.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

15mm French Lancers

A regiment of Napoleonic French Line Lancers. The figures are all Lancashire games, with no command. This is one of the basic booster sets we do all the time and make a little addition to any French army.

15mm Celts

Behold a Celt War-band, I made them bright which is something I seldom do with my own figures, I think that soldiers should be scruffy and covered in mud but most of our customers like them shiny as if just issued with fresh clothing just for the battle, of-course this is down to personal choose and in this instance I quite like the look of all that shiny cloth and shield.
I did not spend much time on the shields, mainly as people seldom tell me what they want and if I don't leave them quite basic 2 tone the any design may not match with what they already have, despite this the shields don't look bad as a block. The figures are all Lancashire games.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

28mm Spanish Succession

A small collection of 28mm Spanish Succession infantry, cavalry and officers from my own collection. I will have a lot more on these in pictures and notes on my Spanish Succession Blog, but thought I would put a few on here for you to enjoy.

 French Martials, Tallard and Villers

 British Officers, General Armstrong & Salamander Cutts

 British Light infantry painted up as Light Infantry

  WSS French Dragoons on Foot, I loved the colour sceme.

WSS French Horse, groups in a squadron of 8. The figures are Front rank but horses are from Lancashire Games and fit quite well.

15mm Imperial Roman Legion

A collection of 15mm Imperial romans, Done in basic colours with a basic shield, the figures are based to DBM and from Lancashire Games. One good thing about Lancashire Roman command is 2 alternate standards, both can be seen here if you look close enough.