Thursday, 30 August 2012

Second Sino-Japanese War

 This is an all new project, chinese VS. Japanese WWII.  All figures are from Pendraken, the chinese are mostly WWI german and WWII german guns, as germany supplied most uniforms for the nationalist chinese and most weapons were licence built german weapons such as the Pak 36 and the MG34 etc..  Even the K.A.R.98.  The Japanese however are basic japs.
 Japanese aircraft mix it with american built fighters, The chinese used alot of aircraft from many nations.  Here is a couple of Boeing P-26 Peashooters and Curtiss F11C Goshhawk Bi-plane.   I scratch built the aircraft for this project as I couldnt find the aircraft in 10mm.

 Here uis a skirmish for a small farm, chinese troops holding the farm are about to be over run.
 Chinese Infantry advance supported by tanks, Here a vickers 6 ton and a couple of Panzer I tanks, in battle we found that the british built vickers 6 ton did well against the japanese tanks, but not as well as the T26.
Japanese troops now holding the farmhouse fire on the chinese flank.  There would have been alot more to this and maybe a Batrep but the batteries ran out to the camera so it has to end here, but here is the first glimpse of the new figures.

Monday, 18 June 2012


Spanish succession Camp, but can be very generaic for most periods.

Friday, 1 June 2012

6mm Napoleonic

 A unit of Napoleonic polish line infantry
 Russian Guards
Russian line in greatcoat

Sunday, 4 March 2012

6mm War of Spanish Succession

 Austrian Regiments, all figures are Baccus and paited to nationality
 British Regiments
 Dutch Regiments
Hessian Regiments

Scratch built DIY Trees 10mm Scale

 A quick DIY guide to making your own trees, with minimum of cost and time, lets face it who doesent need more trees! 
 What tou need is milliput (or any tough modelling clay), Wire, a wooden dowel or pencil your choice, and some moss.  The moss is available in the UK for £10.00 from any hobby store and will do more than 50 trees, but you can also use a 79p bathroom sponge paited green and make it even cheeper.
 First twist 2 strips of wite together bent around the wooden dowel, as you twist them bend a couple out each turn to spread the tree branches out.
 Now you have wire trees, with lots of branches, the loops around the wood are bent outwards to make a base for the tree.
 Stick them to card or any other base you like and rub a little clay into the wire, you dont have to do this but it makes it look better, then brush over with PVA mixed with plaster or anything rough, on smaller trees I find bakeing soda mixed with PVA is good, this gives a grip for the moss as moss wont stay stuck to metal.
 paint them, I reccomend whight and gray for light green moss, dark brown for dark green and so on.
 Decorate the base, I use graven and sand with static grass, but its your call.
 Stick on the moss and you have lovley trees.
 A picture of a tree next to 10mm scale figures, perfectly scaled and themed for the African front in WWI, but it could be anywhere really.
a 10mm Tree next to a 28mm Tree to give you an Idea of scale, the 28mm tree is made with the same method but with an extra wire and larger ofcourse.  Good luck with it and I totally hope you get alot of ideas from this.

6mm American Civil War Buildings

 A Barn on the left and a small Family house with Balcony and folly on the right.  They are make out of a card frame with modeling clay sculpted to them.
2 seperate pairs of shacks or town houses depending on where you put them, fit in more or less with any period america.

Marion Roman

A  pic of Essex miniatures Marion Romans.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

28mm Vikings

 Vikings from gripping beast, I did these guys a while ago and forgot to post the pics, I have done the saxons since and to be honest there is little difference, but what would one expect.
 I love the figures, I like them more than the saxons as you get much more of a feel of realisum for the poses than in the saxon box.

Crimean war Russian

 These are from Itrregular miniatures alma battle pack which contains 3 armies, this is the russian side.
 In the pack you get 8 Regiments of infantry in spiked helmet, 5 regiments in round hat, 1 regiment of marines, 2 skirmishing regiments, 6 cannon and limbers and 5 generals.
The guy I did these for wanted them based to the rules that come with the army 'Warring Empires' as a rule system the rules arnt all that bad.  I based them to the rules meaning you get 3 strips to a regiment, if you based them 2 to a strip you could get alot more bases to the army but its down to the player to decide.

Overall I quite like the battlepack and certainly good value for your money.

Crimean War French

 The crimean war french in the Alma Battlepack are much the same as the british withy a few small differences.
 With the french contingent in the pack you get 3 cannon, 3 skirmish regiments 6 Foot Regiments, 1 Zouave regiment and 4 generals

Crimean War British

I recently got the Crimean war Alma Battlepack from Irregular miniatures, in it you get 3 armies, russian, british and french. These are the british part of the pack.
 In the pack you get 6 guns with limbers, 10 regiments of line infantry, 5 light infantry regiments, 6 generals.

28mm Saxons

 These guys are from gripping beast and much the same as their vikings from the same range, in fact on the sprue there is little difference in figure. 
 there are 44 figs in  the box and 1 command of 3 included in that, the commander has a cloak which looks ok, and a standard and horn.  All easy to put together.
 the box fully assembled and painted.

Sunday, 29 January 2012


A Pack of 6mm Vikings from Baccus.

These are a new range for Baccus and well over due. The figs are lovely and all mixes of poses which is always better than boring Napoleonic's all in rank and file. Don't get me wrong I like Napoleonic but as a painter they are rather dull to paint, very little variety.

French 1st Hussars

French Hussars of the 1st Regiment. Apart from the fact that they are easy to paint I just like the look of the 1st Regiment, The Figs are from Lancashire Games and these were ordered without command which is a shame as Hussar Command is what makes French hussars look so good, the reverse colours and mixture of dress between the command contrast well with the rest of the regiment, but here am I talking about what you cant see.

2mm Scale American Civil War

Here are Two complete American Civil war armies in 2mm Scale. I cannot remember how many figures but in 2mm who cares, they are all 2mm Irregular Miniatures figures based 3 strips to a base for infantry and 2 cannon with 2 limbers for cannon, command is different numbers of HQ spread to fill out Corps commands and overall C-in-C.
The Scenery is made of moss Flock glued to card for trees and scratch built buildings.
A close up of the Union army with zoarves to the Front, 4 batteries of cannon and 4 commands with 1 HQ.
The Confederate army is slightly smaller again with zoarves.