Thursday, 20 March 2014

boxer rebellion legate forces

 British marines defending the legate
 British Imperial troops ready to march on the capital.  To be honest I dont like the uniforms much, we should have worn red.

 Indian troops supporting the British march on the capital.  Indian troops made to the balance of the british empire contingent.

 Americans, well at least they turned up.  In actual fact the american troops fought very well during the rebellion but it dosent defent the tarrible atrocaties carried out by them after the rebellion in china.  Although I should point out that most of the occupation troops were infact not the same marines who defended the legate or fougfht in the rebellion, they were new arrivals after the rebellion.  Mark Twain wrote quite alot about the subject.

Boxers and Imperial Chinese

 More 15mm Boxers, a nice mix of civilian clothingto make up the irregular boxers.  Although some of the more experienced bands of boxers were uniformed these guys are the run of the  mill boxers.

 Imperial chinese infantry green jackets, they were poorly equipped with no rifles to speek of so I have them as all carrying halberds as they were usually used as locel security rather than combat.  In the rebellion they fought on both sides.

More Imperial infantry.  This time muslim troops of the field army.  They were armed with the most modern germa Mauser rifles.  Amons the best troops they were badly led and wasted in pointless rush assaults, like much of the muslim troops, who were in fact the most competant warriors in the imperial army.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Boxer Rebellion Russian

 Here are some russian infantry from the boxer rebellion but can be used for any of the wars of the period.

French Curassier

 french curassier from Baccus

Spanish Succession Baggage Train

 Here are some baggage wagons, these are done up for my spanish succession.  they are a collection of mixed pack horses and wagons.