Sunday, 4 August 2013

How to make a Dungeon room

 I have a new ongoing project I thought I would share with you.  The project is to make a collection of dungeon interiors, with a theme of underground exploring in the likes of the mines of Moria and other cool Dwarven style caverns.  For the start I am showing how I made a small forge. 
 To make this I just used some card, lollypop sticks, milliput and some scenery from pendrakens 10mm fantasy range.
 The 10mm Pendraken scenery is a door, weapon racks and beds and chairs. 
 Cut the card to the size you need
 The lollypop sticks add depth to the model so the floor can be cut into to make the model more 3 dimensional. This way pits and rivers etc.. can be shown better, you will see more of this in later posts.  For this model I have cut a hole for a well.
 Here with the floor added to the 'floor' you can see how the look of depth can be used.
 For the walls I use card layered in 3 parts for the same reason, but not used in this model, also it ads strength to the model.  I will use a different method in my next set of models but this project is as it looks.
 The walls are layered with thinner strips over a deeper one, this way the walls slot onto the base.
 Ready to assemble.
 The floor is covered with milliput and textured to look like flagstones, then the well walls added.
 The walls are textured the same way as the floor and the walls snapped into place while the modelling stuff is still soft. 
 Finally the interior wall is added, slotted onto the floor and walls.
 The model is done in its basic form.
 The forge is made out of clay and has gravel added to look like coal.
 The model is undercoated.
 I painted the Dungeon with dark grey, dry brushed it in light grey and brushed light brown on top to show where a lot of feet have recently travelled.  Then weapon racks, bed and other stuff is added to look more lived in. 

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