Sunday, 27 October 2013

6mm Spanish succession French Army

 Ok so its not a full army yet but its on its way.  I am doing the Italian campaign mostly thanks to mr baccus person [Peter], I was chatting to him about what to do with WSS, british/French etc and what campaign.  He said Italian campaign, so here I am.   I am making the French army as a attacking army, my Austrians defensive.
 French generals, 1 overall commander, 2 sub generals and 2 lower generals, depicted with different number of figures.
 French Mortars.  I decided to dig the cannon into position with gabions around them, simply as it looks cool.  The gabions are made from sticks with wire wrapped around and gravel stuck to the top. 
 French siege guns, dug in and ready to blast the Austrian defences.
 The French army in full

 forward and rear view of the siege guns.
 Forward and back view of the mortars dug in.
 more of the French generals
 French dragoons, dismounted to represent how they fought, I dislike mounted dragoons.
 French cuirassier, and 1 regiment of gendarme, 3 regiments of guard cavalry.
 French horse, only 4 regiments so far.
French infantry, note the battalion guns to add fire power.

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