Thursday, 31 October 2013

Goblin Horde

Goblins, Thousand's of them!
 My Goblin army is so far the largest, but that's because they are goblins.  So far they have 2 warlords, some wargs, Goblin Riders, 4 Cave Trolls, bowmen and lots of spearmen and warbands.  To finish the army off are the Goblin Shaman.
 The Wargs are based in packs of 3, and I have them with poison bite, in fact poison is a recurring theme with this army.
 Warg riders are just heavy versions of the wargs themselves, based in 3's, I was going to base them in  2's but didn't like the look, and they hunted as packs anyway.
 The Cave trolls are cool, I just love them, they are also the toughest creature in the army, although very stupid.  Goblin bowmen use poison arrows so they have more impact than  dwarf bows.
 goblin warbands make up the large part of the army, they are mixed packs.
finally come the Goblin Shaman, In order to make them look cool based 1 figure to a base I added a nice pool of water and a glittering crystal with a blue glowing look, made by cutting a piece of cork and  painting it and varnishing it.  They add a good bit of power to the goblin army, although their magic is weak compared to Dwarves they still give valuable aid to the Goblin army.

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