Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Necromancers Tower

 When I started the Fantasy project I decided to make 3 bits of terrain specifically for each army.  For my first but of tinkering I started with my undead army.  So I had to come up with an undead theme.  To start with I decided on a Necromancers tower.  The idea I had in mind was of the tower in Ian Livingston's book Titan, a book which in my  early youth killed my head with ideas.  The picture of a wizards tower in the book in profile with interior visible, and that's the inspiration for this one, minus the interior.
 The Tower has a number of features, it has a nice watchtower on top for the Necromancer to look out for whatever it is Necromancers look out for.    On the base I have a blue pool of water washing into it for a fresh drinking supply, and at the rear it has a green brown pond with a tentacle sticking out for all the bad stuff to be dropped into.
 There is a yellow stone living room, and a white marble enchanters room where the necromancer does all that stuff they like to do with dead bodies.  On the top roof there is an observatory, probably for looking at whatever stars need to be looked at.   Please also note the green slime dripping from the drainpipe. 
Overall I was most happy with this model, Although at first I painted it grey and it didn't look all that good so I repainted it yellow/sand and I thought that was just perfect.  I like the way the candles are burning too.  It took me 2 days to build, not including a day for painting.   Now onto my Graveyard.

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