Thursday, 31 October 2013

Dwarf army

The Dwarf host is here

Here is my Dwarf army, the start of it anyway.  Dwarf Housecarls , a King, 2 units of bowmen 3 units of scouts and 5 bases of druids.
The Dwarven housecarls are based in units of 5, and are a mixture of all the dwarf packs.  the army is made up of many colours to represent most dwarves turning up in the clothes they were wearing but with a lot of red and blue which helps to make the army look slightly more uniform.  I figured the Dwarf king or warsmith is on an adventure to reclaim some Dwarf hold his grandfather absentmindedly lost of maybe kill a dragon, either way the king/leader will not have an army so to speak but will raise his axe and members of his clan will join him, some of his personal household become leaders and officers and you have a simple army.
Dwarven Druids are a nice feature of the army.  I based them with little standing stones.  The figures are from the wizards back but with other dwarves from the dwarven king pack, 'the guys holding up the king'  I cut them into 3 dwarves and used them as exulting Druids.
The scouts are just dwarves in hoods, I thought they would look good as scouts based in 2's
The high king himself, as mentioned before I removed the dudes who carry him as I didn't like the look of them, and I based the king with a couple of warhounds [Irregular miniatures dogs]  and a pile of gold from the fantasy dungeon range.
Dwarven bowmen are just as they sound.

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