Sunday, 27 October 2013

10mm Dragons

Dragons!  I here you say, Dragons! [again]  Yes, Dragons.    As I am building my fantasy collection I thought I would like to add some dragons to my collection.  These are all scratch built out of wire and milliput.   So far they are only 3 types which you can see here, but more to come.
 The Dragons are 10mm scale.  They are many forms of dragon such as the dragons of J.R.R.Tolkien Smaug From the Hobbit or the Worms and Cold Drakes from other of the great masters works, then there are Chinese dragons closer to cold drakes, and Dragons from  Norse Mythology which come in the form of serpents, again like the Cinese cold drakes but these guys breathe fire & Ice.  This led me to Skyrim!

The Dragons of Skyrim were well designed, after all they are actually realistic, at least in a gaming view.  When I take on a dragon with my Enhanced Dwarven crossbow I  do get that moment of thrill as the giant flying lizard crashes to the ground.
 Along the skyrim theme but not sticking to it I designed several types each with different powers on the table.  Here is a red/Brown Dragon, it is the officer class of Dragon for my Dragon army, They can breathe both fire or Ice. 
 Here is the Frost dragon, a foot soldier Dragon, it breathes Frost
Lastly are the Green Dragons, which breathe Fire.  More on this project later as I have the ideas.

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