Thursday, 31 October 2013

Undead Fortress

 Finally I have finished the undead fortress.    I wanted a defensive fort or castle for my army.  I didn't want to just build a fortress so I came up with the idea of a tower which was once an actual defence, but maybe a battle was fought there long ago and the remains of the tower became a graveyard, so a chapel was added to the tower on one side and a  mausoleum on another side. The small bridge if mostly for effect with coffins bobbing up and down in the putrid pond.
 On the far side is a smaller chapel in marble and a priest's dormitory.  Around the base are a few gravestones to help the building fit in with the graveyard I built earlier.
 So the fortress has a function to act as a centrepiece for the undead themed terrain.   The fortress can be used by the freshly undead as a defensive bastion in their war on the living.

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