Saturday, 9 August 2014

Goblin army

 Here is my Goblin army so far, All are from Pendraken 10mm

 The Wargs FG6 are classed as fast cavalry 
 Goblin chariot FG5 I class as light chariots, and can do quite a lot of damage when well supported.
 You cant see the bats very well but the trolls AC10 with rocks and clubs are easier to see, The standard Trolls are heavy infantry and the Rocks are close range artillery.
Goblin Shamen FG12 are simple mage's with a nice crystal for effect, I have blogged about them before.  Best used as ranged shooters or to boost moral. 
 Goblin Wolf riders FG3 & FG4 are basic fast cavalry, I mix the packs to give an irregular look. 
 Goblin infantry are a mix of FG1 and FG8, simple Warband.

 I scratch built some catapults for the Goblin army.
 Light ballisters are actually Games workshop Dwarf Crossbows from my bits box, they are 28mm but look like ballisters in 10mm. 

 Here you can see heavy ballisters built out of 28mm bows.  All in all I quite like the army.

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