Monday, 11 August 2014

10mm Dwarf Army

The full Dwarf army minus a few ships.  The figures are all from pendraken Miniatures.  The idea behind the army is your bog standard dwarf dudes.  All of the machines are scratch built with crew made of spare dwarf figures.
Dwarf Blunderbus FHD8
Dwarf Bowmen FHD6
Dwarf Muskets (my own conversions) 
Dwarf Steam Tank, based on an early ironclad.
Dwarf Smith

Dwarf Organ guns, guns are taken from Renaissance range.

Dwarf Cannon FD11, not a huge fan of this, May swap it out for an English civil war Cannon later.
Mine King!  FD9, I added the hunting dogs and pile of money
Sword guys, I use these as heavy infantry/Knights
Druids, with standing stones, love these guys

Dwarf long-bowmen mixed with swordsmen in hood to be used as standard dwarf infantry or scouts depending on plot!

Dwarf Infantry,a mixture of everything.
Dwarf Zeppelin 
Dwarf fleet and fleet air arm
Dwarf bomber
Dwarf flame-thrower 
Dwarf Submarine, a simple CSS Hunley type submarine
A Torpedo boat built for speed rather than elegance, based of CSS David.
This Ironclad is very american civil war.

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