Monday, 17 June 2013

Indian Mutiny

 I have been wanting to get into Indian mutiny for ages but never had the chance or funds.  I always wanted to know how the Indians could have lost given their advantages, and wanted to play a game with them but never saw a good set of rules to have a go with, but after a long look while I should have been working at Freewargamerules site I now have a set to game with but no figures.  However At Triples I picked up a few samples of Irregular Miniatures 15mm Mutiny figures.  These are Mutineers as you can tell, what I couldn't resist was getting a couple of elephants to pull the siege guns.
 The Infantry are a collection of figures both mutiny and loyal, to give a better overall look.
 These Elephants are such a cool thing I had to have them.  The Code if FIM14 from |Irregular Miniatures if you are at all interested.  They are quite cheep as well considering.  They are used to pull the Indian heavy siege guns.
The cannon are not part of the mutiny range but from the equipment section and are bombards, I just think they look more realistic on the field, besides by the end the Indians were dusting off anything that went bang as the British and their Allies crushed the rebellion.

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