Sunday, 19 February 2012

Crimean war Russian

 These are from Itrregular miniatures alma battle pack which contains 3 armies, this is the russian side.
 In the pack you get 8 Regiments of infantry in spiked helmet, 5 regiments in round hat, 1 regiment of marines, 2 skirmishing regiments, 6 cannon and limbers and 5 generals.
The guy I did these for wanted them based to the rules that come with the army 'Warring Empires' as a rule system the rules arnt all that bad.  I based them to the rules meaning you get 3 strips to a regiment, if you based them 2 to a strip you could get alot more bases to the army but its down to the player to decide.

Overall I quite like the battlepack and certainly good value for your money.

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