Thursday, 30 August 2012

Second Sino-Japanese War

 This is an all new project, chinese VS. Japanese WWII.  All figures are from Pendraken, the chinese are mostly WWI german and WWII german guns, as germany supplied most uniforms for the nationalist chinese and most weapons were licence built german weapons such as the Pak 36 and the MG34 etc..  Even the K.A.R.98.  The Japanese however are basic japs.
 Japanese aircraft mix it with american built fighters, The chinese used alot of aircraft from many nations.  Here is a couple of Boeing P-26 Peashooters and Curtiss F11C Goshhawk Bi-plane.   I scratch built the aircraft for this project as I couldnt find the aircraft in 10mm.

 Here uis a skirmish for a small farm, chinese troops holding the farm are about to be over run.
 Chinese Infantry advance supported by tanks, Here a vickers 6 ton and a couple of Panzer I tanks, in battle we found that the british built vickers 6 ton did well against the japanese tanks, but not as well as the T26.
Japanese troops now holding the farmhouse fire on the chinese flank.  There would have been alot more to this and maybe a Batrep but the batteries ran out to the camera so it has to end here, but here is the first glimpse of the new figures.

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