Sunday, 4 March 2012

Scratch built DIY Trees 10mm Scale

 A quick DIY guide to making your own trees, with minimum of cost and time, lets face it who doesent need more trees! 
 What tou need is milliput (or any tough modelling clay), Wire, a wooden dowel or pencil your choice, and some moss.  The moss is available in the UK for £10.00 from any hobby store and will do more than 50 trees, but you can also use a 79p bathroom sponge paited green and make it even cheeper.
 First twist 2 strips of wite together bent around the wooden dowel, as you twist them bend a couple out each turn to spread the tree branches out.
 Now you have wire trees, with lots of branches, the loops around the wood are bent outwards to make a base for the tree.
 Stick them to card or any other base you like and rub a little clay into the wire, you dont have to do this but it makes it look better, then brush over with PVA mixed with plaster or anything rough, on smaller trees I find bakeing soda mixed with PVA is good, this gives a grip for the moss as moss wont stay stuck to metal.
 paint them, I reccomend whight and gray for light green moss, dark brown for dark green and so on.
 Decorate the base, I use graven and sand with static grass, but its your call.
 Stick on the moss and you have lovley trees.
 A picture of a tree next to 10mm scale figures, perfectly scaled and themed for the African front in WWI, but it could be anywhere really.
a 10mm Tree next to a 28mm Tree to give you an Idea of scale, the 28mm tree is made with the same method but with an extra wire and larger ofcourse.  Good luck with it and I totally hope you get alot of ideas from this.

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