Sunday, 5 January 2014

British 8th army 10mm

I have always loved the war in the desert. Not in a odd strange person kind of way but from the actual war in north Africa itself. Perhapse the chance of winning the war for the Axis was higher in Africa than anywhere else, but who cares, I think it looks good.

Here is the start of my British army WWII. The figures and tanks are all pendraken with a few scratch built trucks left over from my Chinese WWII game and recycled on sand to WWII North Africa. I may replace them with Pendraken when I get around to it but while I have them why not use them. The aircraft are scratch built too.

The army is as follows.

3 Churchill III

6 Grant

6 Crusader III

9 crusader II

2 Crusader CS

3 Bishop

2 Hunmbers & 1 Daimler A/Car

4 U.Carriers

Supports are 1 Mortar and 1 HMG platoon

Artillery is 4 6pdr, 2 25pdr and 4 Bofors

Infantry is just over 3 companies.

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