Wednesday, 18 January 2012

More Medieval English

This is a big overhaul of the original English army I put together, with quite a few changes.
English cavalry deployed on mass, these are a change to the all cloth covered for armoured front cavalry, they are better figures than the original ones I used, These riders are separate for a start and have to be stuck onto the horses and are much better cast than the usual Lancashire cavalry.
The infantry here are better quality than the others I used, been meant to represent better equipped troops but in fact are better all round, better castings and proportions, Alan at Lancashire sis well with these I love them, only thing I may complain about and even not its not a complaint is that with the pose they fit a bit slanted to the base for DBA/DBM, giving them a sideways look, were they for my own collection I think I would do them slightly staggered.
English archers, same as before but more of them, I love these figures!

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