Monday, 8 August 2011

WWI East Africa

I have always been a WWI fan and used to do alot of 6mm, but recently have enjoyed the joy of Pendraken 10mm Scale WWI figures.  These troops are all from my east african army.

 British 18lb field guns, with horse drawn limbers, the limbers are scratch convesions of the ECW limbered horses.  Based in a battery of 3.
 British Imperial infantry, with vickers HMG and Officers.
 Indian troops with HMG and command.  The Indian forces played an important part in the fighting in east africa and despite a rather terrible start they proved good troops as the campaigns progressed, but I use them as cannon fodder in games as we mostly play 1914-1915, and they were no match for Shutztruppe.
 3 Armoured cars from my middle eastern collection, not that much use but they look good as armoured cavalry.
 British K.A.R. in early uniform with red Fez, sadly pendraken does only the later war Kings African Rifles in hat, so I am using german Shutztruppe Askari as K.A.R. Askari.
 Allied natives, Pendrakens native troops from the WWI range, ideal if poor allies for the british.
 Indian Mountain guns, gives my Indian infantry some well needed support.
Most important of all an idiot to command my army, not any exact idiot but as all british commanders were well meaning but stupid people I oftern think not including a command would help my british win better!  Anyway, here is a staff car with general and a forward sub command or Forward obsereves with bike.

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