Friday, 19 August 2011

17th century building

 I have built many buildings for the period but all have been either in 16mm or 28mm without interior.
 The house is scaled towards the 28mm to suit all ranges, this house has 2 doors, front and side.
 With the reason for this range been the open interior I went for no internal stairs due to losing figures etc..   but can fit 16 figures, or 2 Bases of troops based in 4's or 1 in 6's so wil work for many basing systems.
Here is a full view of the Interior with infantry, note the windows can be fired out of, I have tried them with my ACW Dixon figures as well as my WSS Foundry an the shooters fit both standing and kneeling guys!  I am thinking they will also look good as Mordheim too.

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