Saturday, 4 April 2015

28mm WWII ruins

 Welcome to a new batch of buildings I just did, They are built for Bolt Action 28mm figures set in china.  These are basic design town houses and a small factory.  The figures you can see with them are Chinese, or Russian from warlord games.
 The Factory, just a small factory, its open in the middle with an 1st floor firing position, but a little fiddly, I plan on a much bigger version based on a photo from the battle of Nanking.  This one was a tester to see how the roof would fit and doors for scale.
 Chinese defenders on the 1st floor of the ruin.
 Town building or rural Chinese house, wood and plaster with  brick core.
 this house is built to be a first floor gun position, hence the blown out windows.
 a small rural ruin with Russian troops.

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