Sunday, 13 July 2014

10mm Undead army

Here is my new and imporoved Undead army.  To start with I have the commander of the army a Vampire master, in 18th century dress.  The figure is from SYW12 Civilians from Pendrakens Seven years war range.  The skeletons are from Pack FU5 Skeleton command and the wounded soldier on the ground hand raised against the vampire came from AWX1 American war of Independence Casualties.  I painted the vampire/gentlemen with an almost white face, but he most certainly does not sparkle!
The full army deployed, minus the ships
As a mage I am using a witch, a lady from the civilian pack pained up as either a vampire or a witch, with a zombie from pack FU16 pained as a redcoat zombie.
FU21 Skeleton Crossbowmen
Zombies from FU16 & FU17, pained up in drabs and in British redcoat uniforms
A Bombard with Skeleton crew, which is actually scratch built out of Milliput
FU3 Skeleton Bowmen
A Light cannon, not a good angle to appreciate it but scratch built and fun.
The catapult from pendraken is made out of bones and didn't fit my army theme so I scratch built this catapult and used the original crew.
FU4 Skeleton cavalry, although the horses are more Zombie.
Zombie dogs!  Cant get enough of them
A brigantine Galleon with oars for my undead army to find new lands to make ...  Undead.
FU2 and FU19 Skeleton spearmen
FU14, Wraiths and FU13 Vampires

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