Tuesday, 14 May 2013

How To Make Barbed Wire Entanglements

 Welcome to another 'How to' post.  This time I am dealing with barbed wire.  These are the entanglement type rather than the coil, most seen on the eastern front WWI, ACW and Russo Japanese war.
 You don't need much, and cost is very low.

Aluminium Mesh
Cocktail sticks
Hardboard or plywood - everyone has a bit knocking around
Drill bit of the thickness of the sticks

 First cut the sticks into 1cm segments, or larger if needed, and plug them in to the holes.  Holes should be 2cm apart, on 3 lines, each 1cm apart.
 Flock the base, much better to do before wire is on.
 paint the sticks, very important, try painting after wire is on and you will go mad.
 Make it look good
 put the wire on in a zig zag this way you cover all the directions and don't over lay too many sticks.
 level off the edges.
 and a finished base of barbed wire.  It takes  vary little time and looks quite good when finished.
A full set of barbed wire for your figures to play with!

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